Small Business

Do you own a small business and have debt trouble?  Don’t lose your business investment over outstanding credit bills.

How can we help?

Debt Helpers has a program specifically tailored for small business owners.  Our counselors are trained to understand your financial difficulties and will offer you unique solutions to help you protect your business.

We have helped numerous small business owners redefine their monthly budgets while negotiating affordable repayment plans. We can help do the same for your business.

You have worked hard and invested a lot to build your business.

We can help you keep it with our unique Small Business Debt Relief Program.

Part-Time or Unemployed

Whether you are working part-time or are unemployed, you need to be very careful about your spending.  Maintaining a budget is extremely important.

At this tough point in your financial life, attempting to manage your credit products on your own is futile.

We offer a range of services to assist low-income households and eliminate the financial burden.

Full-Time Employed

  • Are you working full-time?
  • Do you pay your credit products on time but see no reduction?
  • Are you relying on your credit products to  manage your budget?
  • Do you have accounts in collections?
  • Are you arguing with your partner about your financial situation?

We can help you reach a stage where you no longer need credit products. We will help eliminate the stress cause by your financial hardship.

Call now to find out about the multiple programs we have in place to assist you!


Whether your salary is evenly distributed over the span of 9 or 12 months, teachers need to budget well.

In order to keep your finances in check, it is important to set up a monthly budget and strategy.

We can help you manage your budget with our unique Teachers Debt Relief Program.


If you are a Post-Secondary graduate, and have unpaid student loans.

We can help with our unique Student Debt Relief Program.


Income for Labourers can differ from time to time depending on the industry.  It can be steady during one season and light during another.

Call now to find out about our Seasonal Worker Debt Relief Program.

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