I’m glad I was referred to you [DebtHelpers.ca] through word of mouth. You do exceptional work and move fast. I know my matters will be well looked after and again thanks for helping me out.You guys do incredible work! Thank you.
Friendly, Professional and delivered what was promised.. Yes I would recommend this program/your people to others. Quite Satisfied with your service.
Hi Toni, As always, it was an honor and a pleasure seeing you again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything and I'll definitely keep in touch on the issues we discussed today. I look forward to meeting with you in the near future
Thank you very much! My God you are so organized and thank God I found you.
I have been a member with DebtHelpers.ca since the beginning of the economy challenges that started in early 2009. I had written to all my creditors in a proactive way to address the financial constraints that were approaching on my financial commitments. All but one decided to work with us on a payment plan, all the other creditors didn’t respond to a workable solution. I made the time and investment with DebtHelpers.ca as a guiding business to assist us in handling all our creditors. It wasn’t easy going through all the creditor calls and their form of engagement. We survived. DebtHelpers.ca has the “know how” to engage, negotiate, respond, and give good advice on “how to handle your challenges with your creditors”. They know what they are doing. We have been very satisfied, made special payment arrangements and even settled on more than one occasion with our creditors. Thanks DebtHelpers.ca for being part of the solution.
Thank you so much for kindness and help. God Bless you.
My sincere appreciation to Laurissa, Raul and Preston for your unfailing help and encouragement over the last two years. We could not have done it without your help with the trying and difficult collection agencies and the legal representatives that just didn't want to cooperate. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for helping us to get through this long and arduous process. I highly recommend DebtHelpers.ca and their great staff for their dedication and unending support in solving our debt problem.
Thanks to you Stephen, receiving (the letter from the creditor) no longer raises my blood pressure or will cause me a sleepless night as it once did; and sadly, too many times! Over the course of the past two years you have been a blessing to me in a number of ways – you most certainly re-assured me when I needed it most, but you also educated me along the way, which of course, helps me to recognize today’s letter as “the last kick at the proverbial cat”.
I am sending you this note to say thank you for what you all did for me. This is my last pay today so say thank you to Steven and Adian.
To all staff at DebtHelpers.ca ~ Thank you for all you do! Not just for me but for everyone you help.
Thank you for taking care of us so well. We do appreciate this so much from all the staff for your good work and kind consideration.
My family and I are so grateful for DebtHelpers.ca and their help in getting us out of debt. At first we were a bit skeptical of using DebtHelpers.ca, since we did not know much about their type of business. The representatives at DebtHelpers.ca explained everything to me and my wife as we went through the process. The staff at DebtHelpers.ca always made time for us and all of our questions. A BIG, BIG Thank you to Stephen for all his amazing support we received. Now we are able to go and buy our dream home.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Steve and Laurissa and the entire team at DebtHelpers.ca for their unfailing support as we navigated this very arduous process over the course of two years. If you are hesitating and scared, believe me that having DebtHelpers.ca deal with your creditors will be the best step you ever make towards resolving your debt problem and making a fresh start. They are always available to help you out with clear cut processes to deal with mail from creditors or the constant harassment of telephone calls to yourself and your family members. They are your constant support from the outset with their knowledge, patience and understanding, and are still there for you afterwards.
I must say that the passionate and caring approach by DebtHelpers.ca in particular yourself Danielle in this crucial time in our lives cannot be overstated and with the results achieved it has taken a great weight off my shoulders as far as finances go and I cannot say thank you enough for relieving me of that stress at this time.
When you’re not really that good at budgeting and handling your finances to begin with and then something unexpected comes up, it doesn’t take long to realize that you’re in trouble and paying the interest on minimum monthly payments is a slippery slope that’s usually impossible to recover from. So it was with us until we had the good fortune of meeting Stephen and the rest of the team at DebtHelpers.ca. Our out of pocket medical expenses from taking care of our daughter, who is chronically ill, pushed us over the edge and when we started looking for help it was confusing. We read about all the companies that boast “not for profit”, but in the end, based on the information available to us, we decided to take a chance on DebtHelpers.ca. From the very beginning Stephen made us feel at ease as he explained how it all worked. He was always there for us, fielding any questions we had as he negotiated with our creditors. He genuinely made us feel like our basic needs were the most important thing. He was always patient with us and always professional. We are currently debt free and rebuilding our credit. Thanks to Stephen and the team we were able to save an amazing amount of money and through it all we’ve learned a valuable lesson regarding finances. We feel so lucky to have taken a chance on DebtHelpers.ca and would be happy to recommend them to anyone who requires this type of service.
G.G. and T.G.
I want to thank DebtHelpers.ca for the cooperation I got from staff. My thanks go out to Brittany for her kindness and understanding as well as Monica thanking them for helping me to make things go.”
Thank you Stephen for what you are doing for me. I will not forget it. I cannot believe I will be done in 2014 (debt free). That is fast. Thank you to all the staff at DebtHelpers.ca. Thank you!
God Bless You All!
Invaluable Assistance from Members of DebtHelpers.ca! Both my wife, Gerri, and I would like to thank you people at DebtHelpers.ca for the invaluable advice and help you gave to us during our recent financial problems that resulted in us being unable to pay our creditors. This problem could not have happened at a worse time and we could see no way out but your staff members enabled us to survive all the problems being thrown at us by our creditors and their bill collectors by being always there as financial counselors and negotiators on our behalf with creditors. Thank you!
Have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all that have helped me so much at DebtHelpers.ca for the past three years now. I truly appreciate it especially since this year has been and continues to be very difficult for me to get through with Lloyd passing away earlier this year. It is people like all of you who help me tremendously and I truly appreciate it.
I just wanted to email you how much I appreciate your help, communication. You have helped me to keep fighting for myself and life as a whole. I just want to get back on track in life since my fall out. From the bottom of my heart I can’t express how much I appreciate what you do. Thank you!
Thanks again so much for your help! Be assured I will certainly make sure to recommend you and DebtHelpers.ca to everyone in Ontario that I know that could take advantage of the great service you have provided. Thanks again.
Thank you to all at DebtHelpers.ca for your kindness to us. You are the BEST!
First of all I want to thank DebtHelpers.ca for helping me debt free. I enrolled in July 2016 and Matt took my file. He did not do well on my file. In October 2016 Sam Captain took over my file and was able to close it on February 2016. Sam Captain worked very hard on my file and I was talking to her almost everyday. Sam is such a wonderful person, knows her job very well, very accomodating . It’s been a pleasure working with Sam Captain a very pleasant lady to talk on the phone. I thank you Sam for a job well done.